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Well still going strong through all of my shirts, have fallen a bit behind with the updates but I've still been taking photos everyday. I should upload the rest this weekend sometime.

uhhhhh, yep thats about it :p and if your reading this i hope you have a great day ;)
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  • Reading: The First Weapon, by Beven Mcguiness
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  • Drinking: Beer (mmmmmm)
Hello to whoever's reading this, how are you?

I keep getting told i have too many shirts lying around the house and that i should probably go through them all and throw out some of the crappy ones.  The only problem being i like them all and hate getting rid of my clothes, even if they start to get a bit tatty :p that just adds character right?

So to possibly try and cull some of the slightly worn out ones or ones that i simply never wear I've decided to take a photo each day and not wear the same shirt twice until I run out.  I'm curious to see how long I can go for, I'm hoping for over 100 haha.

(also just in case anyone notices i do have doubles of some shirts that I've gotten as freebies through work so there may be two photos of the same shirt but they're really different :) )

P.S i know these photos won't really count as "art" but its something that I'm finding fun and to me part of the point of art is that its fun.... so... yeah :)
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  • Watching: Deadman wonderland (so cool!)
  • Playing: The Witcher
  • Eating: candy canes (a pack was like 5c so i bought bulk)
  • Drinking: coffe
Wow its been nearly a year since i last updated.  Pretty bad considering i meant to update every few weeks :p

Good news though, Claire and I are heading back to Japan in a few months!!! Looking forward to it like you wouldn't belive haha.  If anyone knows some great touristy places to go or has any recomendations of things to do please let me know.  Were planning to check out Osaka and some other places but spend most of our time in Tokyo again.

On the drawing side of things i'm getting more comfortable with sketches and the main problem i have now is thinking of things to draw :P  What i have to do now is practice the computer side of things with my lineart and coloring. If you know any good photoshop tutorials please note me .

Thanks a lot peeps :)
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  • Watching: Highschool of the dead, awesome series
  • Playing: Kingdom hearts birth by sleep
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  • Drinking: coffe
Well Claire and i have been back from japan for nearly a month now... poopies.
Japan was amazing i strongly recommend going there to see the sights and experience the culture.

But anyways now that i'm back at work (yay work...) i figured i should get back into drawing.  So, i'm planning to draw and upload stuff at least once a week, even if its just some scribbles and sketches.

If anyones got any tips or comments on my drawings please feel free to let me know.

Cheers peeps :)
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  • Reading: A song of ice and fire series
  • Watching: one piece :)
  • Playing: Monster hunter freedom unite
  • Eating: candy and cookies
  • Drinking: coffe
Well Claire and i are off to japan, so even though i don't update very often i don't think there will be anything new up here for at least a month.  But hey, who knows?  Anyways i'm off to see giant gundamn statues and eat my weight in ramen. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Allo to anyone reading this :)  not much to say here.  just a quick note to say that i've decided to lay off playing with digital drawing for a while in favor of doing more pencil work so i can get the basics down first :p  I think i need a lot more practice drawing different types of charecters and styles too.  any tips or comments would be great as i'm kind of just trying whatever at the moment.

Thanks a bunch :)